Deejay, Don’t Stop

Jumps, the crowd jumps, hands float in the air, following the loud music. I move at their rhythm, while a dark smile brightens my face. Pretending, that’s all I can do. If only someone noticed the grief in my eyes. If only someone set me free, free from this fake smile free from this life.... Continue Reading →


I fall into deep dark I gasp for freedom * Far looks the light But I climb Walls made of slippery charcoal * My muscles hurt I feel the pain in my hands And yet I climb Walls made of slippery charcoal * Closer is now the light Heavy is though my head I may... Continue Reading →

A Thing I Have Learned

‘Every regret you have ever had since the day you were born, is recorded in here,’ Mrs Elm said, tapping her finger on the cover. ‘I now give you permission to open it.’ It’s with these words that Mrs Elm gives the Book of Regrets to Nora when she arrives in the Midnight Library, a... Continue Reading →

Raising Without Racing

I’m supposed to run my first race on May the 25th, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Boris Johnson Yesterday announced new stricter measures in the attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – finally, I must say – and the first events have already been cancelled. Not the race, at least not yet,... Continue Reading →

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