Life Has Just Begun

Lost in a nightmare, it’s hard to escape * It’s just a dream, I say Open your eyes and run away * Here’s the sun, The morning has finally come And life has just begun. * ©Brooxy Moon

May you be

May you be the yellow leaf on the ground fallen under the intensity of its long existence Rather than the green leaf strogly attached to the tree abruptly ripped by the storm. © Brooxy Moon

Endings and Beginnings

‘Hi Joanna. Aw, and hello you, beautiful dog,’ Sarah says, leaving the corridor door behind her. It’s a bit chilly outside, Joanna can tell by the sudden change of temperature that takes place in her house after Sarah enters. 'Hi Sarah. How was your journey?' Sarah says it was fine while she quickly strokes Zoe’s... Continue Reading →


At the end of the day We're all filling blank pages. We're all writing our own book. © Brooxy Moon

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