Where do I belong?

Where do I belong? This question has been following me for some time now. I had to write an essay about it when I was in high school and it’s been stuck in my had since then. I guess it’s because I have never managed to find the right answer for it. Back then, I... Continue Reading →

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Pic from Canva.com We are all waiting for Boris’s speech today. We have been in lockdown since before Christmas, but it seems like the nightmare is about to end. It’s going to happen slowly, one step at the time, which means there’s still a long way before we’ll be able to resume our lives, yet... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Humans

Homo Sapiens Natura Picture from Canva.com Do you know how important nature is for the existence of the human species? Of course, you do! We all went to school and learned about photosynthesis. But how often do we think about the fact that without that process, our life on Earth would be impossible? The nature... Continue Reading →

Nature is…

We humans have spent our existence trying to find a God, thinking that would help us understanding the reason for our lives. We created religions that instead of making us come together, tear us apart. We haven’t even noticed that God is actually within us, within all the things that surround us. God is Nature,... Continue Reading →

Through the lens

The things we say are the reflection of our own perspective. It happens the same with the stories we tell. When we write, we are simply inviting people to look at the world through our lens. At the end of the day we all see things in different ways, but by listening and reading we... Continue Reading →

A Thing I Have Learned

‘Every regret you have ever had since the day you were born, is recorded in here,’ Mrs Elm said, tapping her finger on the cover. ‘I now give you permission to open it.’ It’s with these words that Mrs Elm gives the Book of Regrets to Nora when she arrives in the Midnight Library, a... Continue Reading →

Brand New World

The birds are twitting outside my window. They go ahead all day long. No other sound interferes with their singing. Humans are all shut inside their homes, and nature takes its space back. I’m sitting at my desk, trying to find the inspiration: I should start a new chapter of my novel today; but I... Continue Reading →


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