Brooxy Moon: who is she?

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!

My real name is Bruna, and I am originally from Sardinia. Eight years ago, I left my beautiful island to move to London. It wasn’t easy, but luckily, I wasn’t alone. My boyfriend and our dog moved together with me, and we have been living here since.

We moved because we wanted to explore, to live a new experience. In my case, though, one of the reasons was also the love for the language, which started when I was still a kid. I took swimming classes back then, and in my class there was this bilingual girl who immediately captured my attention, especially after I heard her talking to her English mum. I remember being jealous of her, I remember thinking ‘One day I’ll be able to do the same’. Since that moment, I started working hard in order to achieve that goal, and I am still doing it. Learning a language is a life-long process and everyday it’s a discovery. The grammar becomes easier, and your vocabulary expands day by day. It’s amazing.

Besides foreign languages, I have another big passion: books. I have always been in love with them, since a was a child. I used to spend hours in bookshops and libraries, and I remember never having enough of it. Picking a reading was always so tough. It seemed to me impossible to decide among all those stories, that’s why it always took me ages before I could actually choose one. And you know what? I still do it. I could wander around bookshelves for hours if you let me.

That’s the reason why, a few years ago, I started working in a bookshop. I loved it. I truly did. But it didn’t make me feel completely satisfied. Working with books was great, but it wasn’t enough. Why? Because I didn’t want to sell books, I wanted to write them. It took me years before I admitted it to myself, and even more years before I had the gut to do something about it. I always wrote, but only for myself. For pretty much my whole life I never let anyone read my works. Eventually, I started attending creative writing classes with the hope they would help me open up a little. That was the first step, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I decided to take it seriously.

It all started with a march for climate I attended. All the youth protesting for a better future for our planet and our species, and the words of denials the internet had plenty of, inspired me to write a story. I knew from the very first moment that was an important project. Probably that’s why I didn’t start working on it straight away. I had my job at the bookshop, I had no time to focus on something this big. But that idea kept crossing my mind until, eventually, I had to put it down in words. I started slowly. My job took almost all my time and I could dedicate only one or two days a week to my project. That’s when I started seeing how massive it was. I realised I would have never been able to finish it if I continued working at the bookshop, so I did the craziest thing someone could possibly do. I left my job.

This happened in September 2019. Exactly at the same time, I picked Brooxy Moon as my pen name, and I started this blog. Initially, I wanted to use this space to share the process, but it turned out I was too scared to put myself out like that, so I changed the purpose of the blog multiple times. I started seeing myself as a fraud, and even if I wanted to keep writing my novel, I felt like a couldn’t. Day by day, being honest about what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve, became more and more difficult. I started hiding, and that affected not only my blog, but also my novel.

I let the imposter syndrome slowed me down. I let these feelings change my perspective and lead me into a tunnel I could not see a way out from. The pandemic didn’t help, especially because my novel, The Eye Society, is set in a dystopian future where people are not able to go out due to the terrible environmental condition. I felt as if I had somehow foreseen the future. You can imagine how scared that made me feel!

Now, though, I have enough of feeling scared. I am two third through my manuscript, and I really want to use this space to share my experience. I feel like it is the only way not to give up.

I have no idea what is going to happen once the novel will be finished, but I got to see it, and the only option I have is to keep going.

© Brooxy Moon

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