At Sunset

‘Some days you shape your life,’ Amira said, ‘some others you let life shape you. Hours flow through you in an invisible motion. The only proof of their existence is the pain they leave you with when the sun goes down and the night comes.’

Margot didn’t say anything at first. She kept looking at the sky. In was sunset time and the clouds were slowly changing colour before her eyes – blue, purple, pink. Nature was performing for her, and for all the people who took the time to enjoy it. She felt blessed, for the wonder she was observing and for having Amira in her life. Margot knew exactly what her friend meant. They talked the same language.

‘Stillness kills you, doesn’t it?’ Margot said, now turning toward Amira and looking straight into her eyes.

‘It does,’ Amira said, ‘it surely does.’

Then both of them turned silent and let their gaze get lost into the sky again.

© Brooxy Moon

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