Habemus President

The Unsolicited Opinion

Trump has lost the US election and Biden is the new president. I’m not American and yet I feel relieved by the results. What makes me really happy, though, is the amount of people who bothered to vote! America hadn’t seen such a voter turnout in over a century! This really shows us something doesn’t it?

People are tired. Tired of these politics that force us to be against each other in the name of money. The four years of Trump have taught people, not just in America but all around the world, that it’s good to hate the others, in particular if they’re different. It has also taught us that you don’t have to be prepared, polite, or respectful to be the president of the United States, and if that’s the example, then of course people think that’s the way they should behave. Especially if they are struggling with life, or money, and politic convinces them that it’s other citizens’ fault – often immigrants, or less fortunate in general – and that they should react giving these people their backs, or even attacking them.

We can’t hide that Trump’s presidency started a wave of hate that has spread all over. This, though, is the time of change.

The numbers don’t lie. Biden is the president elected with more votes in history. Is it because Biden was the best candidate ever existed? Well, in a country that has been led by so many prepared presidents, I don’t think this is the case. I tend to take it as a signal. People voted to say, “We’ve had enough”.

I find it so powerful.

These are weird times. Coronavirus has hit us quite badly and that’s probably one of the reasons why Trump lost. Perhaps this crisis has made clear to the undecideds that his politics didn’t work in terms of community’s well-being. Especially in a country like America, where there is not a National Health System, underestimating the virus has been a terrible decision. The former president has shown the public that he didn’t care about who couldn’t afford hospital treatments, which meant he didn’t care about underprivileged people.

But this is not the right kind of society, is it?

If you ask me, a right society must be based on equality, and real democracy. Yes, real democracy, because the idea of democracy we have today is quite wrong. We mistake it for the right to be a jerk. We think democracy is the freedom to do whatever we want to do, but in fact our freedom ends when interferes with someone else’s freedom. It’s all about respect. If we started putting that in practice, the world would be a better place.

I think that this year election has shown us how powerful people can be, how strong their voice can be when they come together. Americans made clear they wanted change, and we should thank them for the inspiration this time. We should consider giving our signal too, now. How? Simply practising kindness, minding about others, understanding, empathising. In other words, we should stop thinking about ourselves and start, instead, to focus on the community. That would be a good first step. We may notice a small change within us, perhaps a change of perspective, or even opinion. Sometimes we might even realise that what we thought it was someone else’s fault, it was actually our fault all along.

© Brooxy Moon

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