Lockdown – Round II

The Unsolicited Opinion

It’s the first day of “Lockdown II” and it feels weird. I don’t know how long it’s going to last (they said four weeks, but nobody can be sure), neither what kind of consequences it will have. I mean, economically speaking we’ve seen that Covid has had a terrible impact on our society and that the same thing has happened to the Health System. In that sense, we’ve all been affected by Coronavirus somehow. I, for example, had an important doctor appointment which has been rescheduled multiple times, until it has been eventually cancelled for good – and I bet many other people had the same kind of issues.

It scares me that humanity doesn’t get the danger that this invisible enemy carries with him. It’s frustrating to see that we ended up in this situation again. We’ve seen how bad the virus has been hitting our society, our lives, our freedom, and yet we have done nothing to prevent a second wave. We have the right to complain about how governments are handling the crisis, but we can’t hide that we have our own responsibilities too. We have underestimated the problem. How many people haven’t been respecting social distancing or haven’t been avoiding gatherings? How many people have not been wearing the mask right or not wearing it at all?

Yes, the majority of us is respecting the rules, but in moments like this, we need the entire society to come together, no one excluded. It’s all about empathy, about making efforts for the well-being of the totality; only with this behaviour we can guarantee our personal well-being. Basically, if I, along with the rest of the community, wore a mask and respected the rules, the infection rate would remain low and I could still go out or attend my doctor appointment. To overcome this crisis and build a new society we need to reframe our brains and rearrange our priorities. We need to think big; we need to be aware that anything we do can impact others. The life of the community depends on this concept, and consequently does our life, given that we are part of that community. Simple is that.

So why do not take advantage of this situation, as bad as it is, and try to get the best from it? The first step could be exactly this: starting to think about the others rather that exclusively about ourselves. Our society nowadays is too individualistic – in fact it’s not even that surprising how we are reacting to the pandemic – but the time to change it has come. Care and respect the others, and obviously care and respect the planet. It’s the only way we, as a species, can survive.

© Brooxy Moon

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