Writing to Explore

The woman was ready to take notes. The blue pen she was holding didn’t match at all the style of the notebook on which she was about to write.

“Fancy pen,” Clelia asked, “a present?”

“For my graduation,” the woman confirmed.

Clelia would have won if she had bet, but she didn’t say it aloud. “Why do I write, you asked?” she said instead.

The woman didn’t reply; she knew Clelia wouldn’t expect her to do it.

“Because humans make me curious, and confused.

The woman looked puzzled, so Clelia continued, “I write to understand people. Writing is my way to explore, to make connections between events and thoughts.” Since the woman seemed to be expecting more, Clelia went on, “Writing is the technique I use to understand myself, in order to learn about others.”

© Brooxy Moon

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