The lost community

The Unsolicited Opinion

The beautiful weather we had over the weekend made people think they could go to the park, find a spot, sit down and get tanned.

This irresponsible behaviour didn’t go unnoticed by the Lambeth council, which unfortunately had to close Brockwell Park on Sunday due to the high number of visitors ignoring the social distancing guidelines.

This is not new, we’ve seen the same thing happening in other countries; we’re social animals, being trapped inside is not in our nature, and exactly for this reason in many places they’ve decided to close parks and open spaces.

It may seem harsh, a limitation of our freedom that goes beyond the bearable, but you know what? We’re the ones who want it, because we’re not capable of controlling ourselves. It must be said that the majority of people are following the social distancing rules, but the small minority who are not doing so, can spoil things for everybody else.

I think this is related to the spread of individualism that led to the loss of the sense of community, otherwise we would do what we’ve been asked, accordingly to the concept “I don’t put other people lives at risk, because they don’t put at risk mine.”

This would be applicable to any aspect of our existence: If I act for the benefit of the other, I won’t even need to think about my benefit because the other person would do it for me, and so on. If we all acted with that in mind it’ll be such a beautiful world. Many of you may think this is utopic, but I honestly believe it’s doable; it’s just a matter of trusting and respecting the others in order to be trusted and respected.

Easy, right? We should all start looking at things under this perspective, to enable this crisis to reshape our society in a more human and ecofriendly way.

Are you with me?

Share your opinion in the comments below,

© Brooxy Moon

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