The Third Attempt

Yes, I have to admit it, this is the third time I try to start a blog. The two previous attempts didn’t go too well, but the good news is that now I think I know why.

I had to look deep inside myself before realising that I was sabotaging my chances to achieve my goals. For some reasons that the people who love me can’t understand, I am quite underconfident. When I started the first blog, I thought I was ready to overcome this block, but it turned out I wasn’t. People began subscribing and reading my staff, it was a good start, but it scared me, I suppose. I wanted to build a space where I could be myself and feel free to finally empty the bag of thoughts I always carry with me, but I felt the pressure, I think, of exposing who I really am.

The idea that I could be judged for my thoughts and opinion, led me to wrong decisions and mistakes. I changed the title of my blog, I changed its purpose, only to realise that that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I first started.

So here I am, starting over that project that I had stupidly interrupted, hoping – oops, knowing – that this time will go better.


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